Our Equipment

Some of our effects and digital recording equipment   Roland RD-600 electric piano
Guitar amps, effects and accessories

The studio has a large amount of equipment for clients to use as listed below.
Neve Mic Pre-amps
SSL compressors
DBX Compressor gates
Aphex Compressors
Ashley Compressors
Behringer Compressors
Gatex gates
Lexicon Effects
Roland R-880 with remote
Roland 330
Roland space echo
Yamaha spx-90
Yamaha EMP-700
Digitech Effects
Effectron 1020
Effectron 1024
Westlake LC-8.1 Monitors
Yamaha ns-10s
Crown Macro Reference Amps
Marshall Amplifiers
with speaker cabinets
Mesa Boogie amps
Peavey Amps
Roland Guitar Processors
Digitech Guitar Processors
Digitech Valve FX
Sans Amp Bass DI
Roland RD-600 w/88-weighted keys
Korg DW-8000
Yamaha DX-7
Vintage Keys Module
Korg M1-REX
Alesis D-4
Leslie Model 147
Leslie Model 760
Panasonic SV-3700
Onkyo DAT Recorder
CD Recording
We have a wide variety of microphones, for vocals and instruments, including the following:
for drums, the AKG-D112; the Shure Beta-52, Sennheiser 421's, EV-RE-20's, Shure SM-81's, 57's, 58's and Beta 58's. For acoustic guitars and especially for vocals the Neumann U-87's and the AKG-414's are the studio's favorites.
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